Saturday, October 25, 2008

Drumroll, please...

I was so excited about Daisy's Halloween costume this year. We entered the contest at aka Spot in Clarendon last year but only the homemade costumes won. Daisy was a very cute ladypug but at least two other dogs had the same costume. This year, we brainstormed for several weeks about what we wanted her to be. Tom is the one who came up with this adorable idea and using my best friend, Iron-On-Hem-Tape, I managed to piece it all together!

Unfortunately, the day of the costume contest was a complete mess! After weeks without rain, we had a HUGE storm. Most of the morning was overcast and damp but it was not yet raining. But OF COURSE, just when the costume contest started, the rain picked up and it started pouring! We managed to get Daisy registered, viewed by the judges, and photographed by a professional (for a small donation to charity), then decided to walk 3 blocks to a friend's house to wait out the rain.

About half an hour later, we headed back to the contest to see if the winners were being announced yet. To my dismay, everyone was gone and some workers were taking down the tents! But wait, all hope was not lost - one of the workers recognized us and told us that Daisy had won.... for Best Little Dog!

The winning pug doesn't look so happy with her prize, but just wait until I cash that in for some yummy pug treats! Or maybe a pug hoodie? Or a new toy? Actually, we don't need any new toys since my boyfriend just ordered THREE new ropey raccoons to replace Daisy's favorite toy that he just refuses to wash! (He claims it has flavor.)

Anyway, I'm so happy that she won! My hard work was not for nothing. :)


The Devil Dog said...

That is a great costume. We are sorry the contest ended so abruptly, but are happy you won.


Puglette said...

Daisy, you are the sweetest little puggy! I love the tootsie pug costume! That is so cool that you won a prize. Youdeserve it for that cute outfi.

Angie said...

That outfit is adorable!! Let your husband know that he had such a cute idea!! I hate it when the rain comes when something important is going on. It's such a bummer!

Miss Daisy is SOOO cute! We are getting our kids 2 pug puppies for Christmas and I am just beside myself waiting. We are going to go the 20th to pick them up and I am just so excited! They are fawn like Daisy....can't wait!!

Hugs and Pugs.

Sandy said...

Oh my goodness...that is one of the cutest costumes I've ever seen!