Saturday, April 11, 2009

Daisy and (Stuffed) Friends

Daisy has a couple favorite toys but her absolute favorite is the ropey raccoon. I think I've posted here before that the raccoon got hideously dirty and her daddy, rather than washing the old one, bought THREE new ones! She loves all of them and they've all become rather nasty over time - I think this time I'll drop them in the washing machine before her daddy goes on another raccoon buying spree!

Another toy Daisy really enjoys is the Bobo. She has 3, I think - two long ones in green and blue, and one shorter one in red. I originally saw the Bobo in that ADORABLE Petsmart commercial with the dachsund who loves his Bobo to pieces until it has to be thrown away. Then his mommy takes him to Petsmart to pick out a new one and the dachsund refuses to let it go, so the cashier has to ring up the Bobo by picking up the dachsund and swiping him over the bar code scanner! Of course, this made me really want a Bobo for our Daisy and thankfully she seemed to like them just as much.

She does seem to enjoy them as pillows more than anything else...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sleepy Pug and Friends

Daisy isn't the only one in the family who likes to sleep. No, I'm not talking about her mommy... I'm talking about the kitties! Sushi is a little more active but Mr. Nemo is just as lazy as Daisy, which is evidenced in this picture:

When Daisy sleeps, she is oblivious to everything including the proximity of the cats, whose presence she normally avoids. Lately, Sushi has taken advantage of Daisy's sleepiness to get in close for a whiff of eau de pug! She likes to stick her nose in Daisy's ear and rub her head against Daisy's. Daisy has even gotten a few licks! We keep hoping Sushi will groom Daisy, which would help contain the pug smell between baths!