Monday, January 5, 2009

A Plethora of Pug Pictures

While in Oklahoma for Christmas with the boyfriend's family, I found a tiny cowboy hat in the guest room closet. Now, I ask you, what else does one do with a tiny cowboy hat? ... Put it on the dog, of course! And thus, I present to you COWGIRL DAISY!

Waiting for a drink at the bar (in daddy's arms, of course)

trying to catch a few ZZ's while danger looms...

There were more pug pictures than human pictures during Christmas. But that's how it should be, right?
I also had a wonderful time playing photographer while waiting for our plane at the Tulsa airport. There was an abundance of sunshine at the terminal which made for a great photo session with the pug and her daddy.

Looking at the planes

close-up of the wrinkly graying muzzle

too good for the camera

a chin made for kisses

looking for treats