Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Thanksgiving Update

Sorry for the lack of posting lately! It's been superbusy with work, school, Thanksgiving... Anyway, we took Daisy to my parents' in Boston for the holiday and she was all kinds of worked up because my parents don't have carpeting throughout the house. I realized she was pacing around and not lying down, so my mom found her a small area rug and Daisy immediately claimed it as hers!

On Black Friday, we went to Target and found the CUTEST doggie clothes in the dollar bin! (They were really in the $2.50 bin, but close enough.) I couldn't resist and bought both a baby blue parka and a reindeer costume, much to Tom's chagrin. I don't understand why though, they never make doggie clothes wide enough to accomodate a pug's barrel chest! Thankfully, my mom is an accomplished seamstress and managed to alter both articles of clothing to fit Daisy.

On a more sobering note, right before Thanksgiving, we noticed that one of Daisy's eyes was puffy and red. Tom took her right to the vet who said that it was an ulcer (a scratch) which was easily fixed with some eye ointment. However, the vet noticed discoloration on the whites of Daisy's eye, which had always been there, but this time the vet said it could be a sign of dry eye, which I guess is really common in pugs. Oh but it doesn't end there. THEN the vet noticed a spiderweb pattern in Daisy's iris, which she said could be an early sign of blindness!!

So of course we were all worried and thinking "Oh no, not again" (Daisy has had quite a history of illness with bladder stones, two tumors, etc.). Tom took her back to the vet a few days later and the vet ran a glaucoma test which turned out negative. So he called the animal opthamologist who said that if it's not glaucoma, there is nothing we can do. Slowly, over time, Daisy may become more sensitive to light. If it worsens, she may have to wear Doggles (doggie sunglasses) when outdoors. But thankfully, they do not think it will lead to complete blindness.

WHEW! And that's an update. :)


The Devil Dog said...

We are glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. Cute clothes, mom agrees with you about pug's barrel chests. As for the eyes, it is a good prognosis, considering everything. Lucky doesn't see well, but she gets along fine. We are sure Daisy would manage as well.


Sandra y Coco said...

Hi! I just found your blog through Roxy's. I hope everything is fine with Daisy's eyes. My pug had eye problems, too, but he also has addison's disease and both eyes had to be removed a couple of years ago. Don't worry about dog loosing eye sight, if that ever happens (hopefully not!), it is not a problem at all!!

Puglette said...

nice to see you are well. that is so cute about daisy and the rug. her outfits are very cute! she is an adorable reindeer.