Thursday, October 23, 2008

Puppies = Exhausting!

Did I say I wanted a puppy? A little black pug puppy? I take it back! I want a black pug ADULT. No more puppies, please!!!

Okay. Done with the theatrics. Suffice it to say, the puppysitting was very very tiring. For some reason, my coworker's puppy (Paddington - although I prefer the name Fuzzbutt) seemed to think my carpet was the outdoors. Good thing I own a big bottle of Petzyme which takes care of both stains and odors like nothing else. Well, I suppose it might be like something else but I've never tried another pet stain remover since this one does the job so well. Anyway, if he wasn't so darn cute, I might have booted him out the window. But then he just looks so pathetic and you're like awww....

He and his brother had a great time roughhousing all over the apartment while Daisy and the cats looked on in horror. Paddington had an unending fascination with the cats and couldn't figure out why they didn't want to play with him. Even after being bopped on the head a few times by annoyed kitties, he didn't seem to get the message. At least the cats were being "nice" and didn't use their claws on him. Daisy, on the other hand, was relentlessly interested in him, particularly in the smell of his underside. She'd roll him onto his back to take a good sniff - think she was trying to figure out if he was hers?

The only time I got some rest was when he was eating...

...or sleeping...

Can't leave the other two dogs out of this post, so here's a pic of all three sleeping on the couch:

Coming up soon... Daisy is being entered in a Howloween Costume Contest this weekend! I handmade her costume so I can't wait to see if she wins a prize. I think it looks great. I have subpar pictures of the costume so far so I'll have to wait till I get better pics to post. Wish her luck!!

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Puglette said...

Good Luck Daisy! I can't wait to see her costume. We have a halloween party this Sunday. That puppy is so Cute!