Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bratty Sleepy Pug

Daisy loves to sleep on the couch or in bed, but she has difficulty getting up and down. She is not at all like the young energetic pugs we see at the dog park, and jumping is definitely not in her repertoire. Instead, she'll put her front paws on the edge of the couch or bed and gaze pleadingly at us until we lift her up.

Tom's mom sent him a great solution to the the back-breaking labor of lifting a 20-lb pug up and down multiple times a day - a doggy ramp! His family's dachsund used it to get onto the couch or bed (before the poor weiner lost the use of his two back legs and was relegated to a chariot). Daisy seems nervous about the contraption and so far I've only been successful in luring her up with a treat.

The other night, I was watching TV on the couch and the sleepy pug wanted to come up and sit in my lap. So I patted the ramp and she put her front paws on it but refused to go any further. Both Tom and myself repeatedly called "Daisy! Come on, good girl! You can do it!" but she stubbornly resisted. Giving up on the zero-incentive method, I got up to get a treat and walked back to the couch. But wouldn't you know, before I even sat down, Daisy ran right up the ramp onto the couch and snatched the treat from my hand!

What's the lesson learned here?
a) Pugs are not stupid.
b) Pugs will do anything for food.
c) Daisy is a huge brat.

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