Monday, March 24, 2008

Introducing the Sleepy Pug

We brought home the sleepy pug in June of 2007. She had been dropped off at the PG County Animal Shelter by her previous owners, who claimed they were too old to take care of her. Kind-hearted volunteers from the Noah's Ark Foundation found her there and placd her in a foster home to await adoption. We first saw Daisy's picture on Craigslist (she was called Diamond then) and for whatever reason, fell completely in love with the fat little beast. We waited one excruciatingly long week to meet her at a Petsmart adoption event, and were lucky (and tenacious) enough to be chosen as her family.

Diamond quickly adapted to being called Daisy (after all, what pug wants a porn-star name like Diamond??) and grew very attached to Tom, who was home all the time and could sit with her on the couch while studying. We soon discovered her sleeping addiction - we actually thought there was something wrong with her because she sleeps so much! But apparently it is quite normal, especially for a pug who is well past her puppy years. Daisy is a non-discriminating sleeper and will plop down just about anywhere, although her favorite places are the couch and the bed. I recently bought her a very expensive, plush and luxurious new doggy bed, but Daisy vastly prefers to be pressed up right against a human on the couch. These days, she is living the life with an excess of laps to snuggle!

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